COVID-19 Workplace Virus Protection

Plastics & Custom Fabrication for Sneeze Guards, Barriers, Partitions & Shields.

Help Keep Your Customers and Employees Healthy & Safe from the Coronavirus

We offer a wide range of plastics and custom fabrication for workplace barriers, shields and personal protection.

Plexiglass Sneeze Guards, Barriers and Partitions

Reinforce social distancing and help keep your employees safe with protective Plexiglass barriers between your workers and customers.

We offer custom fabricated sneeze guards and other barriers to order.

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PETG Plastics for Medical Face Shields

We provide a vast assortment of PETG plastics for personal protective equipment (PPE) and workplace virus protection.

Medical face shields and other protective gear is made from clear plastic sheets and films from Solter Plastics.

This includes both flexible and rigid masks utilized in a hospital environment. Shields made from these materials are safe, effective, and economical for protection from the direct spray of airborne droplets.

Please note that Solter Plastics does not sell masks or shields of any kind. We are a supplier of sheets and films such as PETG and polycarbonate used in medical facilities.

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Custom Fabrication for Personal Barrier Protection


Not only are we one of the largest plastics suppliers in the Los Angeles area, we can custom fabricate products to meet your unique requirements.

Just give us a call to discuss your needs, and we’ll get working on it!