For Applications that Demand High Performance
When it comes to durability, you can’t get much better than polycarbonate plastic. It is significantly stronger than plate glass and acrylic alternatives.   Polycarbonate plastics are lightweight with a glazing material that prevents scratching from routine use.

Polycarbonate sheets have unmatched design flexibility. They are easily fabricated, molded, cut and thermoformed.   Because of this unique combination of flexibility and durability, polycarbonate sheets find numerous and varied applications throughout everyday life.

Polycarbonates come in commonly trademarked names like LEXAN™, MAKROLON®, Makroclear®, arcoPlus®, and others.

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Solter Plastics Now Offers Laser Cutting!


Laser cutting provides you with a way to easily cut or engrave your ideas into a wide variety of materials, such as acrylic plastics.

Laser cutters can easily handle large and small jobs, so whether you’re creating a prototype or finished product in the hundreds, we’re here to help.

Unlike CNC routers, laser cutters offer a clear advantage with detailed, intricate, and smooth cuts that routers can’t match.  We can cut practically any shape with the smooth precision that only a laser can deliver.