Laser Cutting

Smooth, Detailed Cuts to Bring Your Project to Life!

Solter Plastics Now Offers Laser Cutting!


Laser cutting provides you with a way to easily cut or engrave your ideas into a wide variety of materials, such as acrylic plastics.

Laser cutters can easily handle large and small jobs, so whether you’re creating a prototype or finished product in the hundreds, we’re here to help.

Unlike CNC routers, laser cutters offer a clear advantage with detailed, intricate, and smooth cuts that routers can’t match.  We can cut practically any shape with the smooth precision that only a laser can deliver.

Applications include signs, point of sale materials, wall lettering, company logos, furniture, prototyping, awards and many other projects. Laser cutting is perfect for retailers, goods manufacturing, architectural models, studios, hospitality, restaurants, and a vast array of industries.

Companies choose laser cutting for the clean, crisp precision and eye-catching results.


If you can draw it, we can cut it!   With over 50 years serving customers like you in the Los Angeles area, we’re ready to help.

Let’s get your project started!  Call us at 310-473-5115 or contact us for a quote.

Laser Cutting Acrylic Plastics

A popular material for laser cutting, acrylic plastics result in a gorgeous appearance and sophisticated presentation.

Commonly referred to by trade name as Plexiglass, Lucite, and others, acrylic plastic can be laser cut and shaped for a wide variety of applications.