A Vast Selection of Acrylic Sheets to Meet Your Needs

Acrylic sheets are some of the highest quality, useful plastics manufactured in the world.

The flexibility in applications is endless, with sheets and tubes transforming into a vast array of creative and useful applications.   Acrylic is shaped through heating, bending, cold-forming, or by way of drape, free-blown, or vacuum.

Acrylic panels are frequently used as lightweight alternatives to glass.   It resembles glass but provides high light transparency, sound reflection, weather resistance and 50% less weight with equal thickness. Acrylic plastic is some of the clearest material around, offering transparency up to 93%.

Like the majority of plastics, Acrylic sheets respond to changes in temperature through expansion and contraction. Yet unlike glass, it does not shrink with age.

Solter Plastics provides cast acrylic, which is the highest quality available for optical clarity and stability across a full range of temperatures.     Cast acrylic yields a more sturdy and rigid product, making if perfect for a wide variety of large structures and applications.

Acrylics come in a variety of names but are commonly known as Plexiglass, Lucite, Acrylite, and PMMA.


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Glitter Acrylic

We have a wide assortment of glitter acrylics, with over 23 different styles in stock.

Patterned Acrylic

Looking for the perfect pattern?  Chances are we have it!   

Transparent Acrylic

With a large assortment of transparent acrylic and colors, Solter Plastics has what you need.

Translucent Acrylic

Searching for the perfect translucent acrylic?  We carry the colors of a triple rainbow!  If you don't see it here, just give us a call!

Textured Acrylic

From rain to frost, we carry a wide assortment of textures that are perfect for your next project.

Opaque Acrylic

Blacks, silvers, greys and browns.  We have the opaque acrylics you're looking for.   If you don't see it here, just give us a call!

Solter Plastics Now Offers Laser Cutting!


Laser cutting provides you with a way to easily cut or engrave your ideas into a wide variety of materials, such as acrylic plastics.

Laser cutters can easily handle large and small jobs, so whether you’re creating a prototype or finished product in the hundreds, we’re here to help.

Unlike CNC routers, laser cutters offer a clear advantage with detailed, intricate, and smooth cuts that routers can’t match.  We can cut practically any shape with the smooth precision that only a laser can deliver.